New Business Ideas In Times of Coronavirus

Adaptability is the single most important factor for survival and evolution. The observation isn’t reserved for biological species but equally applicable to businesses all around the globe, across all time-lines. Coronavirus can be the ice-age for many current businesses –especially if they do not adapt timely. As the number of COVID-19 victims arises, many have started to wonder if things will ever be normal again. Many businesses and services are already looking for alternative solutions. Thankfully, the internet brings a lot of hope for businesses and clients that want to maintain social distancing and continue their routine businesses. 

While the Coronavirus lockdown brings existential threat for many companies, it offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs that understand the power of the internet and social media. Internet usage has swelled and the demand for applications like Zoom has sky-rocketed. Stay-at-home entertainment is also in hot demand.  Recently, ‘Steam’ reported an unprecedented 24 million players logged on at the same time. Online grocery stores have been experiencing difficulties handling orders. According to Metcalfe’s law, a network’s value grows exponentially with the increase in the number of users. That’s exactly what the internet has been experiencing lately. People have reported slower WIFI speeds and odd glitches, but overall the internet has held up with the pressures, well. That’s the magic of distributed networks. The sudden increase in internet traffic brings great news for e-commerce and entrepreneurs with novel ideas. Some entrepreneurs might be sitting on the fence, seeing how long the lock-down will continue for. Facts should encourage them to invest in e-commerce related idea, immediately. That is because social distancing will most probably continue until the entire population is completely vaccinated. That might take more than a year’s time. In a year, social behaviors will change. Buying patterns will change as well. That means that e-commerce will see a spike in demand and the trends will remain stable for an unforeseeable future.  The following facts reinforce the aforementioned assumptions:

Digital products will keep rising: it is predicted that mobile app expenditure will be doubled by 2024.

Online shopping trends will continue to peak. Many online shopping forums are already having difficulties making delivery because of excessive orders.

Social distancing will continue long after the coronavirus threat subsidies—that’s how human psychology works. We get into certain habits that are hard to break.

Since online shopping is currently receiving patronage from states all around the world, its demand will keep rising.

If you are a new entrepreneur and don’t have a lot of novel business ideas related to e-commerce, have a look at our suggested areas.

Pickup & Delivery:  Since reaching the customer at the doorstep has become critical delivery services will experience a surge in demand. Regardless of the differences in products, the delivery business will be in great demand. Ideas in overhauling the delivery and logistics solutions can be potential game-changers.

Online Education Apps and Forms: The education industry might experience a paradigm shift during the coronavirus crisis. Education centers all around the world have been forced to shut down and they have mostly shifted to online Apps such as Zoom to supplement learning. There still exists a big gap when it comes to online learning applications and forums. A great opportunity for entrepreneurs to step in and reap profits.

Medicine Supply and Delivery: Social distancing is the order of the day. Many people find it difficult to reach pharmacies and patients dealing with regular health conditions are not finding ample supplies of medicines. That is a gap, an online medicines delivery business can fill. The venture doesn’t require big investment and promises potential growth.

Remote Medical Consultation: Online health care has been helping a lot of patients and medical workers, lately. Since it is paramount to keep physical distancing, getting to a clinic or a hospital for minor health issues is getting tough. This gap can be filled by investing in an online healthcare app

E-Commerce Marketplace: Online sales for many products have experienced a hike due to the ongoing outbreak. A smartly devised and advertised e-commerce marketplace can be a great idea.

Fitness, wellness, & spiritual mentoring App: many people will be more health conscious during and after the coronavirus crisis. Digital workout programs will gain more popularity as gyms and wellness centers are shut down. By the same token, people will look into the internet to fill in their spiritual void. Applications offering health and spiritual guidance will have a great chance to succeed, especially if the lockdowns prolong.

These are extraordinary times for all of us. The world as we knew it a few months ago, might have already changed. We must all adapt quickly and use the internet to create new opportunities. The above-mentioned ideas are very practical and do not need a lot in terms of capital investment. We can help you get those ideas running, in no time.