about us



Code Builderz is a fully digital marketing agency that takes pride in “doing things differently”. We are a team of diverse talents who understand the opportunities and challenges of modern digital marketing. We pride ourselves in conceiving and delivering creative solutions to varied business problems. Our team is adept at working closely with clients to understand their business needs and requirements. Not only do we create marketing campaigns—we aim at creating campaigns that result in positive ROI for the clients. We are also very particular about transparency. We tell our clients exactly where and why their money is spent. We are among the top web development companies in California and we intend to evolve as the best web development service in USA.

Our Philosophy

Our core philosophy is based on a ‘VTI’ approach: “Value through Innovation”. We concentrate on creating lasting value for our clients through consistent innovation. Creativity and innovation form cornerstones of our work approach. We are driven with a passion to “do things differently” for our clients.


We are among the best web development service in California. We give exceptional weightage to work ethics. We like to work closely with our clients to learn about their core business strategy. We understand that aligning strategic goals with the marketing campaign is the key to long-term success of any firm. We work in three distinct phases: Conceive, Create, Market.
Conceive: The first phase is all about getting into the heart of the problem. We talk to the clients, understand their business problems, learn about their goals, and conceive a set of solutions.
Create: After determining a work-plan we start creating specialized content and sieve through different online advertising options.
Market: We implement an actionable marketing plan and constantly monitor progress.